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04 June 2010 @ 12:14 am
Orpheus promo pictures!  
This is what stress and boredom do to you. I'll probably never manage that thematic set of character portraits I keep planning and replanning, but here's something like an appetizer of the art style I'd ultimately like to use. Something that blends the hand-drawn pencil/ink original and the Photoshop effects in a suitably dark and gritty fashion.

While we're waiting for our favourite supernatural drama with a side of thriller, ass-kicking and existential angst to resume, here are some promo pics to tide you over. The idea of the half-season totally stolen from BSG (and as we know, Season 3 only kicks in with Shades of Grey), name idea credits go entirely to pikku_gen.


(Lyrics from Disarm by The Smashing Pumpkins. I made the conscious choice to use pop-ish lyrics rather than digging up any obscurely perfect indie lines, so it's ~stylistic~ and not lazy, hush.) Here's Tito, a man on a mission, reluctant firestarter, a boy face to face with the world.

(Lyrics from Running Up That Hill by Placebo (Katy Perry cover, but the Placebo version has the sound I'm thinking of).) And Gavriil, Old World gentleman, combat surgeon on a battlefield of shadows, learning to change in death what he could not in life.

(Lyrics from Still Alive by Lisa Miskovsky, and yeah, that's almost too easy.) Rusty, a rebel finding a cause, a firebrand about to go out, a lifesaver with blood on her hands. Her conflicts are basic but run deep.

And Jack's still in the works, because I did not have a single picture I could have used, and the new one ended up not working either. I may also redo the Tito one eventually. Not actually 100% sure about Jack's slogan, either, something utterly corny like "charmer. survivor." perhaps? *SHOT* This is the lyric I'd use:

    And I tear it apart and burn it all down 'cause I have to
    Made a deal with a man at the crossroads who knew where to find you

    All the friends I betrayed all the enemies made in the process
    Our pain feels the same we're just carrying different crosses
    It's all in the game, baby, it's acceptable losses

(Also from Lisa Miskovsky, whose damnable Swedish pop shouldn't be such easy listening, Acceptable Losses.) Jack's had perhaps the most startling metamorphosis of the whole crucible, and it's left his footings the most precarious.

We will see, won't we now? Keep those eyes ahead.
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Icky Sticky Fingers: Orpheus | Machinehollower on June 19th, 2010 09:58 am (UTC)
Why the hell haven't I commented earlier?! I absolutely love these and I hope we get Jackie Boy's promo pic too eventually!

Visionary and vigilante may be taking it a bit too far (he's been all talk, endless talk talk talk, no action so far) but I'm quite sure Tito would consider them quite appropriate. :D And you said I'd axe murder or something similar you for the choice in lyrics but noooo. It fits, so I can't argue really. And I like how the word "vigilante" here is applied to a person it really shouldn't be at first glance. So unprepared, so full of crackpot ideas but no real sense of how to act upon them, what to actually do in face of these horrible things, what direction to fire off.

And looking at all those four pieces of lyrics you've chosen for the gang, I can only reiterate that you really have a knack for finding the right ones. They're not at all the obvious ones, either, but so so fitting. Jack's especially. And Gavril's. Oh hell, all of them.

What's Rusty doing there? Barking an order at the start of some possible trouble? Her nose is lovely, there and I like that you drew her with a holster. Action Girl all the way. "Firebrand about to go out", you and your apt way with words, again.

The style is very Orpheusian. These are making me so fucking glad we're having a game tomorrow and I can concentrate on something good and satisfying and fantastic again. Be my own small part in creating something great with you all. ♥